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Water Reducing Plasticizers



UNICRETE PC 300 (PQC) Produces cohesive concrete for jobsite application especially meant for pavement quality concrete which needs initial moderate slump like 50+10mm and 30+15mm at the discharge point to feed the sleep form paver. The maximum retention period may be as long as 90 minutes commencing from the moment the water is added to the distance to be covered by the Tripper Truck. This can be simply achieved by adjusting the dosage of UNICRETE PC 300 (PQC) .Even with very less cementitious and fne content, lubrication is provided by the product to ensure smooth movement of the paving machine. At the same time unwanted events of edge collapse can also be eradicated through usage of this product.


Dosage : Optimum Dosage can only be established after trials, taking into account the rheological performances. Rate as. Addition is generally in the range of 0.4-1.5% by weight of cementitious material. For maximum Disperency throughout the mix, UNICRETE PC-300 (PQC) should be added to the fresh Concrete, into the mixing truck, it is necessary to mix at high speed, and then at low speed (with a minimum3 minutes at each speed).


UNICRETE PC-300(PQC) Conforms to IS:9103-2007 ASTM C-494-1981(Type-G).

Shelf Life

If stored in unopened containers at normal ambient temperatures, a shelf-life of approximately 12 months could be expected.


  • Domains of application
  • Low slump concrete
  • Pavement Quality Concrete


  • Appearance : Light Yellow Coloured
  • Specific Gravity : 1.09±0.02
  • pH value : ≥ 6
  • Chloride Content : Nil, as per IS-456
  • Compatibility :OPC, PPC.


UNICRETE PC 300 (PQC) is a special water reducing plasticiser based on modified poly carboxylic and organic polymers. The use of UNICRETE PC- 300 (PQC) is particularly recommended for jobsites requiring very low plasticity. Concrete with homogeneous and cohesive mix without any hint of Segregation, bleeding. Also to retain that low workability for a long period.


Not to be Stored at high temperature long periods. Should be protected from frost. It is toxic and formulated from chemicals which present a fire or health hazards.